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Note: The mailing list is has been replaced by the Google FormBuilder Group

How to Contribute

Contributing to FormBuilder is really easy! Here are the steps:
  1. Use FormBuilder for a while, and find a bug or feature you'd like added/fixed
  2. Join the FormBuilder Google Group and post a message about it, to make sure it's a viable addition and is not already being worked on
  3. Provide a patch created via diff -u. Important: Use the -u option or you'll have to redo the patch!
  4. After it's been integrated, you'll be added to the contributors list!
If you have access to Subversion, you can get direct access to the latest development snapshot by checking it out here:
    cd /where/you/want/it
    svn co
Currently, there is no remote commit access - simply use svn diff to send appropriate patches to the mailing list. If you use this method, please make sure to periodically use svn up to keep it from going stale.

Note: Please DO NOT use the "bug tracking" system that is linked off of - it is impossible to navigate around in and find patches/follow-up. Good old-fashioned email is best. If you submit something via the bug tracker, it will likely be IGNORED.


The list of contributors is growing continuously. The following people have contributed features and bug fixes that have really helped FormBuilder mature:
  • Norton Allen
  • Mark Belanger
  • Peter Billam
  • Brad Bowman
  • Jonathan Buhacoff
  • Godfrey Carnegie
  • Jakob Curdes
  • Laurent Dami
  • Bob Egert
  • Peter Eichman
  • Adam Foxson
  • Jorge Gonzalez
  • Mark Hedges
  • Florian Helmberger
  • Mark Houliston
  • Robert James Kaes
  • Dimitry Kharitonov
  • Randy Kobes
  • William Large
  • Kevin Lubic
  • Robert Mathews
  • Mehryar
  • Koos Pol
  • Shawn Poulson
  • Victor Porton
  • Dan Collis Puro
  • Wolfgang Radke
  • Stephan Springl
  • Ryan Tate
  • John Theus
  • Remi Turboult
  • Andy Wardley
  • (Your Name Here)
If you can't contribute code, but have still found FormBuilder useful for your job or hobby, consider donating to its development by clicking on the PayPal button in the upper right!


For more information, contact the author of the module, Nate Wiger.
FormBuilder is © Nate Wiger, with contributions from many people.