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Note: The mailing list is has been replaced by the Google FormBuilder Group

Download FormBuilder

On this page you can download FormBuilder, aka the Perl CGI::FormBuilder module. You can check out the features to get a better idea of what FormBuilder offers, and make sure to read the appropriate release notes below. I also strongly recommend you join the FormBuilder Google Group, although this is by no means required.

Current Release

The current release of FormBuilder is 3.08. This is the latest stable version, suitable for installation in production environments. You should read the release notes for a list of new features, bugfixes, and other details. You can also browse the 3.08 release.

Previous Release

If you don't have the cajones for installing the latest software, you can download 3.06. However, this version likely has some known bugs, and there is no way you'll get any support on it. Again, you should first read the release notes for this version. You can also browse the 3.06 release.

Older FormBuilder Releases

These are NOT RECOMMENDED unless you're nostalgic or the government.Note: If versions are missing or skipped, it's usually for a very good reason.
FormBuilder is © Nate Wiger, with contributions from many people.