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Release Notes for 2.07

Here's what's new in FormBuilder 2.07 (browse), along with any known issues or bugs still in the works.


New website

First and foremost, an entire website has been created for this module: - check it out for examples, tutorials, extended documentation, and more!

Customizable messages

All new for 2.07 is the ability to completely customize every message that FormBuilder outputs. This is enabled by the new messages option you can specify to new(). Each message is given a unique tag, such as js_invalid_checkbox, allowing you to customize JavaScript errors, highlighted form fields, and even fatal error messages.

Single JavaScript alert

Thanks to inspiration from a big patch by Godfrey Carnegie, all JavaScript validation alerts are wrapped into a single dialog, greatly simplifying the user interface.

New jsfunc interface

Up until this release, code specified to the jsfunc option was appended to the native JavaScript. It is now prepended, allowing you to easily override built-in validations. In addition, thanks to the above, you can hook into the native error message engine by appending to the string alertstr and incrementing invalid. Of course, simply issuing an alert() and return false still works, so existing code should not be affected.

New HTML::Template features

Support for HTML::Template has been enhanced by offering two new tags: <tmpl_var label-[field]> and <tmpl_var comment-[field]> for each field in your form. This allows you to precisely control absolutely every aspect of HTML layout.

New Template Toolkit feature

The new [% form.field.[field].comment %] tag has been added, allowing you to control placement of comments in your template.

Automatic -select- generated for lists

Now, select lists automatically get a -select- element prepended when their type is auto-determined. To disable this behavior, set smartness => 0 in new().

Addition of delete option to field()

This is like the delete() function, only I didn't see a reason to make a separate method. This permanently clears the field, just like you had never specified it in the first place. To use it, specify delete => 1 to field().

Ability to access fields as $form->field_name()

That's right, thanks to a trick with autoloading, if you define a field named company_id, you can now directly access it by calling $form->company_id(), where the resulting function takes any arguments you can specify to field(), and returns the same as well.

New cgi_header function

This just redispatches to, but it allows you more HTML freedom and a better header by calling $form->cgi_header. The header option to new() is unaffected, still defaulting to 0.


Field type no longer determined by default

A field's type is no longer determined by default simply based on its name. For example, before if you had a field called 'details', it would become a textarea. This behavior is still present, but you must explicitly set smartness => 2 in new(). This does NOT affect the automatic check for options and layout, which is still on by default, and will be for the forseeable future.

No more annoying '(required)' in templates

This annoying 'feature' has been removed, since it was ruining templates. It is now up to you to decide how to display which fields are required if you are using a template. (Hint: One easy way is to twiddle the comment option to field().)

More sensible debug levels

For some reason, everything had migrated into debug level 2. I shuffled around the messages slightly to give better debug output under level 1. The default remains 0.

The sortopts option will now accept 1

Heck, this was throwing even ME off, and I wrote it. In addition to alpha or numeric, sortopts will also accept 1, which defaults to an alpha sort. You can also use NAME or NUM, to be more consistent with other built-in stuff (i.e. validate).

The keepextras option will now accept an arrayref

If you specify an arrayref to keepextras, this will be used as a list of non-fields that should be preserved as hidden input params. In the past, you could only preserve all or no extra params. This is most useful for multi-screen applications, where you want to keep certain extra params like mode but where you may not want to keep everything specified.

The options argument now has built-ins (ala validate)

Taking a cue from validate, there are now a couple option lists that are built-in by default. These can be specified to the options argument to field().

The sessionid() function now sets sessionid's as well

This method is little-used, but if you are making use of sessions you will probably find the ability to easily set them via FormBuilder useful.

The quick CGI::Minimal no longer used

Sorry, everyone, but it has too many differences from, and is preventing progress for FormBuilder.


Fixed a longstanding bug in values with force option

This would only be hit in extreme edge cases, but man was it bugging me (haha). It's fixed now - successive calls to field() and render() utilizing the value option work as they should.

Several edge-case bugs with values fixed

Default values and options have been extensively tested and retested and should, finally, be completely stable.

Several JavaScript bugs fixed

There were several miscellaneous JavaScript bugs, including the jsfunc tag getting placed in the <form> tag, disabling JavaScript causing other problems, and the wrong DOM being used for a checkbox. All are fixed.

Body text attribute fixed

If you were trying to layout HTML natively with FormBuilder, and were specifying the text tag to the body option, this was horribly broken. It is now fixed.

Built-In FNAME Regex Fixed

Before it required [- ] somewhere in the name, which is obviously not quite right.


Thanks To All Those Who Helped

I want to extend a special thanks to everyone that has sent me bug reports and patches over the past 6 months, and apologize for taking so long to get this version together. Hopefully with the establishment of the website and mailing list, this will speed things up. Special thanks to Jakob Curdes, Godfrey Carnegie, and Dan Collis Puro for their excellent feedback and bug fixes. Thanks!
FormBuilder is © Nate Wiger, with contributions from many people.