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Release Notes for 2.12

Here's what's new in FormBuilder 2.12 (browse), along with any known issues or bugs still in the works.


Many bugfixes were made, including:
  • full XHTML compliance (thanks to Robert Kaes)
  • a Template Toolkit issue with field.invalid (thanks to Stephan Springl)
  • bad -x sendmail -t test and header problems (thanks to Adam Foxson)
  • problem with $validate || $required leaving JS remnants (thanks to Ryan Tate)
  • more sensible internal multiple => 1 handling
  • addition of skip => /pat/ option to mail*
  • problem w/ multiple-value validation being broken
The rest of this document is identical to the notes regarding 2.11


Thanks to much help from Robert Mathews and Remi Turboult, two security holes have been plugged. These holes could allow a malicious user to execute arbitrary code on the server if a certain combination of options is used. *ALL* users are advised to upgrade to this release immediately.


Ability to specify a coderef to validate

You can now specify a reference to a subroutine in your validate patterns, to completely handle validation:
        validate => { field => \&my_sub }
The subroutine will receive the field's value as its first arg. It will be called multiple times in the event of a multi-valued field. The sub should return 1 if the value is valid, or undef otherwise.

Top-level <tmpl_loop fields> added for HTML::Template

A top-level template tag, simply called fields, has been added which allows you to loop through all the fields in a form:
        <tmpl_loop fields>
            <tmpl_var label>: <tmpl_var field>
This allows you to easily reuse HTML::Template templates. Thanks to Dimitry Kharitonov for this patch.

Addition of Text::Template support

YATE (Yet Another Template Engine) has been added to FormBuilder: Text::Template, thanks to a big patch from Jonathan Buhacoff. See the documentation for more details.


Literal Javascript was not being properly included in jsfunc

A couple edge-case oversights were fixed

Many miscellaneous loose ends tied up

Many thanks to Brad Bowman for sending me a plethora of patches fixing a bunch of annoyances.
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