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Custom Message Types

FormBuilder supports the following message types, which are set using the messages option:
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Any instance of "%s" is filled in with the appropriate value. To override any of the defaults, simply specify the appropriate message type to the messages option:
$form = CGI::FormBuilder->new(
             fields => \@fields,
             messages => {
                form_select_default    => '--',
                form_invalid_password  => 'Make sure your password uses numbers and letters',
Alternatively, you can specify a filename to the messages option, which allows you to defined a common set of messages and reuse them in all your scripts. For more information, see this tutorial.

You can use any string you want for the message, including text in other languages. This allows you to fully customize the interface for your native language.

FormBuilder is © Nate Wiger, with contributions from many people.