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1. Intro to FormBuilder
2. A Simple Form
3. Form Method
4. Input Validation
5. Field Options
6. Multi-Select Lists
7. Field Data
8. Field Attributes
9. HTML Formatting
10. Custom Headers
S. Summary


1. Trickier Forms
2. Perl References
3. Default Values
4. CGI Stickiness
5. JavaScript Actions
6. Input Validation 2
7. Multiple Submits
8. JavaScript Actions 2
9. Modules & mod_perl
10. Smartness
S. Summary


1. Remaining Features
2. Intro to Templates
3. HTML::Template
4. HTML::Template 2
5. Template Toolkit
6. Exploiting render()
7. Multi-Screen Apps
8. Multi-Screen Apps 2
9. Multi-Screen Apps 3
10. Custom Messages
S. Summary

Basic Tutorial - Summary Print

Trickier Forms >>

In this section of the tutorial, we've learned:

  1. The basic steps involved in using FormBuilder
  2. How to create a $form object by using CGI::FormBuilder->new()
  3. How to change the method or enctype of the form, simply by specifying these options to new().
  4. How to use validation, by specifying the validate option to new().
  5. How to change the options and type of a field, by specifying the options and type arguments to the field() method.
  6. How to change a field so that it is multi-valued by using the multiple option to field().
  7. How to change any other HTML attributes as well, simply by specifying them to field().
  8. How to alter the formatting of the HTML output by FormBuilder, by using options named for the different HTML tags in new().
  9. How to print a custom HTML header, and how to hook FormBuilder into another module by using the params option to new().
This is as far as many people have to go. With FormBuilder, you can create a complete form application in as few as 10-15 lines of code. Best of all it's FREE, so if you haven't already, you can download FormBuilder here.

If you're still looking for more advanced features, have no fear. FormBuilder has a wealth more features that we haven't even touched on yet.

Trickier Forms >>

FormBuilder is © Nate Wiger, with contributions from many people.