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1. Intro to FormBuilder
2. A Simple Form
3. Form Method
4. Input Validation
5. Field Options
6. Multi-Select Lists
7. Field Data
8. Field Attributes
9. HTML Formatting
10. Custom Headers
S. Summary


1. Trickier Forms
2. Perl References
3. Default Values
4. CGI Stickiness
5. JavaScript Actions
6. Input Validation 2
7. Multiple Submits
8. JavaScript Actions 2
9. Modules & mod_perl
10. Smartness
S. Summary


1. Remaining Features
2. Intro to Templates
3. HTML::Template
4. HTML::Template 2
5. Template Toolkit
6. Exploiting render()
7. Multi-Screen Apps
8. Multi-Screen Apps 2
9. Multi-Screen Apps 3
10. Custom Messages
S. Summary

Advanced Tutorial - Summary Print

In this final tutorial, we discovered:

  1. The remaining big features of FormBuilder
  2. How to enable templates using the template option to new()
  3. How to use basic HTML::Template features
  4. How to use advanced HTML::Template features
  5. The fundamentals of Template Toolkit with FormBuilder
  6. That render() can accept the same options as new()
  7. Two different methods for multi-screen applications in FormBuilder
  8. How to write a single, master application in FormBuilder by using a separate $query object
  9. How to write a smaller, multi-mode application by using the $form->cgi_param method
  10. How to customize all the messages that FormBuilder uses with the messages option
Believe it or not, there is still a lot of untapped power in FormBuilder that even these 3 tutorials haven't covered. There are lots more options you can specify to all of the functions covered, each of which tweaks FormBuilder slightly. If you're ever in need of a feature, try locating it in the following way:
  1. Determine if it's a field or form related issue
  2. Look at the appropriate documentation for either field() or new(), respectively
  3. Try using the appropriate option and see what happens! :-)
I've tried my best at providing an easy-to-follow introduction to FormBuilder. If you'd like to send me suggestions or comments on FormBuilder, please contact me.

FormBuilder is © Nate Wiger, with contributions from many people.